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In today’s business environment, organizations are more & more realizing the importance of coaching as it started to play a vital role in improving the workforce of a company, the employee morale as well as helping to achieve organizational goals.

Organizations who undertake the mission of cascading a coaching culture, show that they value their human capital and knowledge as much as they value achieving their company goals.
Accordingly, coaching is regarded today as an organization’s way towards shaping individuals’ performance; which will allow building a broader organizational capacity that eventually achieves critical results and keeps the organizations in competition.

Organizations in quest of having a coaching culture, are more and more encouraging their managers today to develop themselves as leaders through acquiring coaching skills to help themselves better manage their teams and each team member performance.
A manager who creates a coaching environment; where his team members can learn and use their abilities to the fullest, is contributing in his future sustainability inside the organization by empowering those talented employees who are currently achieving at a lower organizational level, to be the ones rising and taking leadership roles one day in the future on a higher level – giving him the opportunity to grow as well.

Managers who take on coaching roles among their teams contribute to the overall organizational goals by overcoming performance problems that might consume time and money. Also, it helps in the path of strengthening team members’ skills; the thing that allows the manager to delegate more, create succession plan, focus on more important managerial tasks and above all helping employees work smarter
Coaching managers can help the organization improve retention rates, increase motivation levels of employees across the organization and thus their loyalty.
In the course of being coaches, managers from such environment - who will acquire the Code 8.0 basic competencies and practice coaching skills - will help themselves in polishing their interpersonal managerial skills, thus opening up for themselves new arenas of opportunities in the world of business.

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